As the President of Residence Hall Council I am responsible for overseeing all actions of the Residence Hall Council. I conduct meetings weekly between the general membership and the executive assembly while serving as a non-voting member on the board. As President I am also responsible to act as a liaison between Residential Life and each respected areas senators.
Vice President
As the Vice President of RHC, I am in charge of keeping the finances of the organization in order. I record the expenses of the club and during meetings with the RHC’s advisors; make sure we keep to our budget. I also will work closely with the different RHC event coordinators to make sure they have the resources and support required to plan and execute their events successfully. Finally the Vice President must always be willing to assist the President, if help is required, and to also step up and assume the responsibility of the President if the President is absent.
As the National Communication Chair (NCC), I lead our delegations to the conferences. Everything that gets done for conferences from logistics to concerns goes through me. At conferences, I have a say and vote in all legislation that is on the docket. In addition to leading conferences, I am responsible for informing our residents of the conferences and what is taken from them. Furthermore, I stay in contact with the NCCs at schools in the region and nation to help improve both our and their Hall Councils. Another duty is training the NCC-IT.
Public Relations
As public relations, my main responsibility is making sure the website is up to date with all the latest RHC events and information. As well as doing that, I also work closely with the other positions to create advertisments for upcoming events, posters for the cafeteria, and newsletters to make the student body more aware of our programs we will be sponsoring. I am also the Design Editor for the Quinnipiac Chronicle. My major is Interactive Digital Design and I have a minor in Public Relations. Moose love forever, peace love RHC!
Members and Motivation
As the Membership and Motivation chair, I am responsible for the membership aspect of our organization. I want to make sure all of you fantastic people are happy and excited to be a member of RHC. I also plan the end of the year banquet. Outside of RHC, I am the films chair for SPB, the E-Communications chair for QU After Dark and an Orientation Leader.
Student Solutions
As the Student Solutions Chair my main responsibility is to address any issues or concerns that the students have with living in the residence halls. I keep track of the concerns that come through the screen name and through email. I hold weekly meetings with someone from Residential Life and Faculty Services to try to fix the problems that arise and think of new ways to improve living on the Quinnipiac campus. I also take the minutes at the meetings and give them to the M&M chair to email to all the general members.
Small On-Campus Coordinator
As the Small On-Campus Coordinator, I co-sponsor campus wide events with other organizations within the Bobcat community! I am either approached by other clubs and organizations or I seek them out to help make a program as successful as it can possibly be! One example of a co-sponsored event is the Ice Cream Social in the fall. I also coordinate the Roommate Social in the . I am a Nursing Major at QU and love being a part of an organization that plans fun events around campus!
Large On-Campus Coordinator
As LOCC, I am in charge of planning at least 2 school wide events per semester. Two annual events are Rest and Relaxation, which is usually just before fall semester finals, and the RHC Luau which is a fun spring BBQ with lots of food, raffles, and prizes. I work with the rest of the E-board members and the Area Councils to make these events as big and as successful as possible. This falls second event looks like it's going to be some kind of push-cart durby so look for more information to come!
Off-Campus Events Coordinator
As the OCEC, my main responsibility is organizing off campus day trips for Quinnipiac's student body. You have a lot of freedome while planning events because you can take advantage of activities all over the Northeast Region. Past trips have included sporting events, Broadway shows, amusment parks and charity funraisers.
As the Historian, it is my job to record RHC events and organize our schedule. I create the calendar of all the events planned by the eboard, as well as individual residence hall events. I am also responsible for getting feedback from students who attended each of these events for our records. This year, I am going to start a scrabook with pictures, descriptions, and comments from many of our events. In addition to these responsibilities, the Historian works hand-in-hand with the Members and Motivation chair to organize our table at the involvement fair and open houses. Outside of RHC, I am in the honors program, a tour guide, and an admissions ambassador. See you in the halls!

ADVISORS: Heather Kessler and Audrey Heins

Past Eboards